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High-Clarity Lenses

Our glasses are made with
high-clarity lenses in our lab in

Southern California!

We consider ourselves a fun bunch, but when it comes to
making great glasses we don’t mess around.
How seriously do we take our glasses?
We have our own laboratory, and it’s packed
full of experts who use the latest digital technology
to make the best possible lenses for you.


We care about your vision as much as you do,
so our staff of professionals puts every bit of their expertise
into each pair of glasses we make. Every lens
that goes into our glasses is made from high quality material
to minimize visual distortion so you have
the clearest, sharpest vision possible.


An eye for great eyewear!

We dream of one day living in a world
where no one wears dull glasses,
so we’re doing our part by taking a step:
only selecting stylish & high-end glasses to sell.
To make sure you look your best,
we have a team of stylists who hand pick
every frame on our site. They’re constantly
adding new and classic looks from some of
the best eyewear brands around the world,
which means we always offer a fashionable
selection of eyewear.


Made with

YOU in mind

We think glasses look best on smiling faces, so we
do everything we can to make every customer a happy customer.
Our goal is to bring you the best glasses buying experience
you’ve ever had, so we work hard to make sure that every part
of shopping with us is as easy, friendly and fun as possible.

We’re here for you