Choose Frames

How to Choose Your Right Pair

Finding the right pair isn’t easy,
so here’s a pointer or two.

How to choose
your right pair.

Finding the right pair isn’t easy.
Here’s a pointer or two.

Color Matching

The best glasses are the ones that fit your skin tone –
nothing too flashy or dull, but something that enhances your best feature.
For fairer skin tones, try a neutral or lighter color.
For darker tones try a definite, distinctive color.

Different outfits tend to look much better with certain colors of glasses as well.
For grayish styles, try a pair that’s similar to a gray or navy tone.
For brighter outfits, red or orange may give a bolder look and accent your feel of liveliness.

Different Frames for Different Face Shapes

A style of frame that best suits you can be found from
which style suits the best on your face shape.
Here are six face shapes commonly used to identify frame styles.
Which do you relate to?


A square face often looks sharp,
and has a strong jaw line with a broad forehead.
By choosing a frame that elongates the face,
it softens the angles of face and shape of cheekbone area.

One can show more rounder look with a thick-frame.
Choosing a gold rimmed pair can also give a more sophisticated look.


A triangular face (aka pear) shape is often
characterized by a small or narrow forehead.
Choosing a roundish frame or one that accents the top part of
the glasses will draw less attention to the prominent jawline.
For a more softer look, try lighter colors and materials that
have a light and airy affect–rimless glasses may be an option.


The oval face is longer and wider in fit, and quite proportional.
While the face shape goes well with the most of the styles of glasses,
wider-frame helps with the focus on cheekbones, lips, and chin to feature them.


A round face misses the angles but features curved lines.
To make a rounder face appear thinner and longer,
try an angular or narrow frame since it helps lengthen and widen the eyes.
A frame that shows a clearer shape such as
a rectangular shape helps accenting the look as well.


A long, diamond like shaped faces usually are narrow at the eye line and jawline.
As a diamond, this face is among the rare. Focusing to highlight the eyes will
widens the sidelines, creating softer and rounder effect.


An oblong face is longer than its width, and has a longer nose and cheek line.
Find a frame that has more depth, or contrasting colors and/or decorations.
A fit that has a shorter noes bridge may also help the face appear shorter and balanced.