Frame Matrerials

What will be the right frame material for me?

Elastic Plastic Frames

• Resistant to bending
• Doesn’t change shape overtime
• Prevents frames from slipping down the face

• Durable & Light
• Doesn’t lose its color easily
• Resistant to scratch with polished finish

Acetate Frames

•  Light & Strong
• Hypoallergenic – suits people with metal allergy
• Rich in colors

Metal Frames

•  Titanium and stainless metal frames do not rust
•  Light, Thin & Strong
•  Luxurious style
•  Easy to adjust the frames
•  Resistant to color change upon UV exposure

Ultem Frames

•  Super light
•  S
mooth fit
•  Easily bent and regains its original shape
•  Durable in heat and cold
•  FDA approved eco-friendly material
•  Resistant to breaking