How to Find the Best Men’s Reading Glasses

About 60% of adults use some form of vision correction, whether it be contacts or glasses. As the human body naturally ages, the eyes gradually lose the ability to focus on objects. This condition, called presbyopia, commonly occurs to people after the age of 40. While people may find this cause for concern, don’t worry! At Anytime Glasses, we offer glasses styles that fit all men, whether young or old.

The first thing to do when shopping for new glasses is looking at the shape. The shape of your reading glasses accentuates your face shape. For instance, a rectangular frame style offsets features of a rounder face shape while drawing attention to the eyes. For a more detailed look at which frame shapes suit your face the best, take a look at the best eyeglasses for your face shape.

No matter how stylish a pair of glasses may look, it provides no benefit if they constantly slide off or do not comfortably rest on your nose. Thus, another important facet to consider when perusing for a new pair of glasses is its fit on the bridge of your nose. In addition to being a stylistic choice, the bridge impacts how comfortable the glasses will feel when wearing them. For example, you have a low nose bridge if your pupils are at or below the bridge of your nose. Identify what type of nose bridge you have and pick styles that are designed accordingly. If style begets comfort, then it is best to reconsider the frames you picked.

Finally, color plays a factor in aesthetic expression. You can either go for a muted palette for a subtle look, or rock a bright shade of color to accentuate your eyes and showcase some unique personality.

At Anytime Glasses, we endeavor to provide you the best reading glasses with unparalleled ease. When browsing our extensive collection of styles, make sure to use the filter options to narrow down the features that are most desirable for you. Want to buy a pair of round glasses with an eye-popping red color? You can easily find such as choice using our filters! If you are ever dissatisfied with your choice in style, you can always return your glasses with our stress-free return policies. Shopping online for glasses with your desired features in mind has never been easier.