How to Measure Frame Size

Buying glasses online can introduce new challenges for many, as they are unable to try on frames to see how they fit. However, it is easy to find frame measurements that are suited for you! We have outlined some steps to measure your frame size and get to buying your perfect pair of glasses.

Many eyeglasses have three numbers on the frame, which indicate its lens width, bridge width, and temple arm length, respectively. The lens width is the horizontal diameter of the lens. Another term for this measurement is eye size. The bridge width measures the part of the frame that is across the bridge of your nose. The temple arm length describes the length of the temples, which are connected to the front of the glasses frame and positioned on your ear. These numbers are typically printed on the inside of the temple arm.

One of the most important dimensions to ensure a great fit is the frame width, which is not printed on the temple arm. To measure this by yourself, take a millimeter ruler or measuring tape and measure horizontally across the entire front frame side. Be sure to include any protruding pieces in the measurement, such as lug and hinge pieces. You can also easily measure any part of the frame, like lens height and bridge, using the same method and tools. Please note that if your SPH on your prescription is +/- 6.00, we recommend buying frames with a lens width lower than 50 millimeters to ensure that your lenses are thin.