Best Eyeglasses for your Face Shape

Ever tried buying glasses but was stumped on which style would look the most flattering on you? Finding the best reading glasses style can be a simple task when taking into account your face shape.

Read on to see recommendations on frames based on face shape.

Glasses Oval Face

Oval face shape: An oval face allows for the most flexibility in frame options, as it is proportionally balanced with a curved jawline that is narrower than the forehead. While most frame styles look good on oval faces, we recommend the following styles as they will add structure to the softer face shape:

Men: Rectangle, Square, Browline (maybe make this a bullet point list with picture?)

Women: Rectangle, Square, Aviator

Those with an oval face shape should avoid oversized frames.

Glasses for Round face

Round face shape: Round faces are as long as it is wide and lack prominent cheekbones. As a result, large and bold styles are the most flattering for people with this face type, as it draws attention to the eyes and offsets the roundness of the face.

Men: Rectangle, Square, Aviator

Women: Rectangle, Square, Round

Men and women with round face shapes should avoid small, oval, and browline type frames.

Square face shape: Characteristics of a square face include a wide, angular jawline with a broad forehead. For men, frame styles that compliment square faces add balance and structure. For women, the frames we recommend below will complement the face shape and add softness to the overall profile.

Men: Browline, Oval, Rectangle

Women: Browline, Cat-eye, Round

Men with square faces should avoid small frames and women should avoid rectangle type frames.

Diamond face shape: A diamond face features a narrower forehead juxtaposed with an angular jawline and pronounced cheekbones. We recommend that men choose round or browline frames that balance these features, while for women round and oval frame glasses to add softness to their angular features.

Men: Oval, Round, Browline

Women: Oval, Round, Cat-Eye

We do not recommend men and women with a diamond face shape to choose rectangle and square frames, as it tends to overaccentuate their already angular facial features.


Pear face shape: People with pear face shapes tend to have a broader chin and jawline, while also having less emphasized cheekbones and a narrower forehead. For both men and women, browline and aviator frames can add balance to the narrower forehead features.

Men: Browline, Oval, Aviator

Women: Browline, Oval, Aviator

Men and women with a pear face shape should avoid square, round, and oval type frames.

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