Find Your Reading Power

Finding which strength reading glasses you need can be confusing without the proper knowledge and guidance. In an effort to make your buying experience as simple as possible, we have compiled a few tips to make it easy to figure out your reading magnification.

One of the easiest ways to find your optimal reading power is to use a diopter test chart. Diopter reading test charts have rows of words that vary in text size. You can print a diopter chart below for use at home. Place the printed chart 14 inches away from you and attempt to read the top line without your glasses on. Continue trying to read the lines down the chart until you find a line that you can read without glasses on. The line that corresponds with the diopter, or magnification, listed is the one we recommend purchasing. If you require different magnification powers in your right and left eye, cover one eye at a time to test them individually.

If you are unable to clearly read any of the lines on the chart, we recommend contacting your local eye doctor for further assistance in finding the correct power for your reading glasses.

When trying out reading glasses in-person, you should test several pairs that are both weaker and stronger than your test results. From there, we recommend choosing the two magnifications that you see the best with and pick the lower of the two.