Which Rx Lens Type is Right for Me?

There are several types of prescription lenses available that suit various needs and uses.

The most common type of prescription lens is single vision, which has the same magnification throughout the whole lens. These glasses are typically used as distance or reading glasses.

Bifocals feature two viewing areas that are visibly divided on the lens. The larger viewing area is used for distance while the smaller bottom segment is utilized for reading. The ADD portion in your prescription describes how much magnification is needed for the near-vision part of the lens.

Progressives are a more modern type of multifocal lenses that combine distance, intermediate, and near-vision viewing areas seamlessly. This lens type has become more popular as there is no visible division between viewing areas, providing a more youthful look for wearers. It should be noted that progressive lenses take more time to acclimate compared to other lens types as the transition between the three viewing areas may initially be jarring for people.