Blue Light Glasses?

Screen heavy days, small text and bright screen on computers, tablets and smart phones? Blue light filtering lenses prevent eye strain and perfect solution to make screen time more comfortable for your vision.
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Blue Light Filter Lens

Harmful blue light is emitted from digital screens such as phones, tablets, computers, TVs, and causes headache, blurred vision, dry eyes, and difficulty sleeping. Choose ‘Blue Light Filter Lens option’ with any of our glasses collection, block harmful blue light, reduce all those harmful effects, and feel great! Add Blue light filtering lenses to any frame with or without prescription.


Whether or not your vision needs correction, it still deserves protection from harmful blue-violet light. Blue Light Filter Lens helps to reduce eyestrain and protect your sight by slightly magnifying the bottom portion of the lenses. This small increase in power helps your eyes adapt to your digital devices perfect for those endless hours of screen time.

How to Add Blue Light filtering without prescription

Blue Light filtering

1. Choose Lens Type : Single Vision

2. Choose Lens Upgrade
3. Choose Blue Light

4. Choose Lens Material
5. Choose Best Polycarbonate ​
6. Click Add Cart

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